A while ago, a friend of mine told me her parents loved her unconditionally as a child. What she had told me prior led me to believe she was not seeing reality as it was… but who was I to burst her beautiful bubble? It turns out her telling me this was a beautiful gift. It occurred to me that, if unconditional love existed, I really wanted to experience it. A couple of months later I had that experience. I was working on some painful experience from my childhood – something I had worked on many times before without being able to free myself from its pain. This time I approached it differently. Instead of trying to fix my childhood problem, I decided to accept it as it was and just accepted the experience. After some effort and dedication to stay with the pain and experience it, I eventually got to a place where a dam opened up inside and I cried freely. At that moment, I experienced unconditional love. I saw how beautiful the planet was and the following wisdom came to me: THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT TO BE CHANGED, JUST LOVED.

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