At first she had reached a point where she was falling asleep. I suggested her little inner girl was angry but was not letting anyone see it.

She woke up suddenly in tears, and came out the kind of anger that had not been given permission forever… tears flowed and so many insights on how the abuse had misinformed her understanding of love and disrupted her whole life. As I was listening I was thinking to the intensity that human drama can reach. I was realizing if we only saw that we are spirits we would not get caught up in the drama and be so hurt for so long by other people’s misguided behaviors… but we don’t know and it gets so messy and so messed up and childhoods are stolen away, broken to pieces…

I let her get through it all anger and tears and coming on her own to revisiting her life. Then, at a moment of quiet, it just came out of me. I said: This is an incredible human story. So very intensely and horribly human… but you are not human, you are spirit.

At first she was taken aback a little, like I was dismissing her experience. “But I am human!” she said. “Yes, ” I reassured her. And I added, “and you are a spirit having that human experience.” She had heard that before. But she felt a little shaken both by the experience of feeling that particular anger so deeply for the first time and then by having the reassurance of feeling her emotions be swept from under her to see her life suddenly from a different perspective yet again: what if she saw the whole thing from the perspective of her spirit?

I was afraid I had spoken too soon about her being spirit.

This morning I saw her completely transformed. She told me she went out after getting up, a bit after sunrise, and did not realize how estranged from nature she had been, her spirit completely starved. She said my words had woken her up to her spirit again and she felt how much she craved to reconnect with nature…. perhaps even thinking about moving to the woods or at least to the country… That deep an experience!

Wow! How speaking the gentle truth at the right time can move someone to unexpected realms so quickly!

Thanks spirit for guiding me to help out where I can. I love working with you all!

Life is miraculous!