Feeling Bad / Feeling Good

Every moment we have a choice to feel bad or feel good. Happiness is just taking advantage of that choice.

When I feel bad and don’t know how to feel good, I ask myself what is so important that I can’t let go of feeling bad.

Depression is rampant in the USA. It is one of those things one can feel powerless about, and is a good state to practice this on. What is so important that I’d rather feel depressed? Well it requires some inner work no doubts, I know from experience helping people with long term depression. But let me reassure you, depression is not a personality disorder, nor is it caused by chemical imbalance as our culture seems eager to believe. Depression causes that chemical imbalance. Depression is simply the result of giving up or not remembering who we really are and if we started this at 3 years old… we have it as a running tape within us… it may not be easy to remember why we started it… but it is important to search so we can reclaim our sense of self and be free to see that we have a choice so we can embrace it.


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