Did a labyrinth walk this morning with my friend Jennifer. It was covered with snow so we could barely see the outline of the path. Jennifer had done it before so she had a little idea before starting. We started with a prayer of intention. And then we trusted. At times we had to clear the snow with our boots to see where the outline of the path was, and we made it.

Insight #1: The path ahead may not be clear, but it is not as difficult as it may appear. (At least that’s what the message is for me right now!)

Insight #2: As I walked I felt my love for a dog I once had who I had to let go when I moved to the city. I had had some tantrums with him because he loved his freedom and escaped and that strained my relationships with some neighbors who were afraid for their dogs. But now I felt the love I had for him as clear as light I felt how I missed him as a being. Not nostalgia, not sadness, just a caring. So I knew I always love even if I don’t feel it. Love is like the sun that may be covered in clouds from the earth’s perspective, but is always there… So I love but may not be aware of it because of clutter. When I clear the clutter, I can feel the love, toward people or pets (even from the past), and it is not that I love them now, it is that I remember the love I kept hidden from myself.

Corollary and food for thoughts: We always already love our enemies… the problem is not to try and love them… the problem is that we have some clutter to clear up and that has nothing to do with our enemy, only with our self!


  1. Well Lori… by clutter I just mean anything in the way of noticing the love you have that is already in your heart. If you don’t feel that you love a person, there is something in the way. That’s what I call clutter. It is usually in the form of emotional stuff that comes from negative thoughts… but that can turn into physical clutter for some people.

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