There are probably an infinite number of options to create the village that we probably all seek…. as many as there are human beings and we probably each have to find our own which is related to our individual purpose in this life.

Here are some guidelines I came to: We need to shed our old self, embrace our higher self, and create from our higher self.

1) Letting go of victimization/neediness as victimization/neediness creates loneliness, not a village. We do this by realizing that it is our ego that is reacting to situations and then using the victimization/neediness feelings to control its environment. But there is another reality the ego does not see: We are free and abundant and loved no matter what… so we need to let go of (or challenge within us) the ego interpretations… it creates a difficult reality.

2) Embracing our own sense of self whatever comes: pain, hurts by acceptance and letting go, not holding onto them (which is what the ego does), and also by tuning in to (or remembering) joy, happiness, peace no matter the circumstances and remaining connected to the sensations in our body as we do this because that is how the past trauma/hurt is released.

3) Creating from our higher self means:
a) Understanding where others are coming from without thinking it is against us, because it is not, even if it feels like it. Remaining true to our self, honoring our self — meaning finding our love light and doing what we have to do and/or what we want to do from that place.
b) Let life be life and play with it.

Suggestion: Watch the movie Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1986 or 1987) or read the book. It is very inspiring to watch the lead character, a black man sold into slavery, and the grace and integrity with which he chooses to live his life. It may give you insights into how you want to approach your journey!