What is your identity?

In psychology courses you learn about identities such as Age, Disabilities (mental or physical), Religion or spiritual identity, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic status, Sexual orientation, Indigenous identity, National origin, and Gender.

The acronym is ADDRESSING. We have other identities such as which groups we identify with (vocation, hobby, and also vegetarian/vegan/omnivore for instance).

We were asked to fill out our own ADDRESSING identities and I realized that if I answered factually it did not feel like me. So I also answered from a feeling perspective. I realized I did not feel any association with being born in Belgium but I identified much more with the East Indian culture (food, spirituality and in particular yoga and the teachings of the masters of the far east).

When I tried to answer the gender identity I realized I did not feel 100% male or female. I felt something like 60% male vs 40% female. But being forced to specify the percentages still felt uncomfortable. I talked with a transgender professor and she said that a lot of trans feel that way and that they even go beyond this by not forcing the % male-female to add up to 100%, it could add up to anything we feel is right for us.

That was a new opening in my thinking. And then I could say I feel 70% male and 40% female for instance.

But then I realized I really have more than one perception of myself. I have the perception of the human being for instance and the perception of that part of me that is pure awareness. My awareness as I experience it has no gender and no sexual identity. It feels more real than my human body and my mind because it is indestructible; itcannot die and cannot get sick or hurt. As a human being I sometimes experience the no gender thing. It is not like being fluid, it is a form of transcending identities.

I asked myself what was the purpose of identities such as those psychologists like to play with because my awareness/soul does not experience any of them: no age, no disabilities, no religion, etc… Then I realized that the purpose of identities experienced in the human form has to do with learning to love oneself and therefore others. It has to do with learning every aspect of compassion. Then when we are as compassionate as is possible there is no longer a need for any identity. We become expressions of love in all its infinite forms.

Human beings are evolving toward the recognition of being spirits first. It is therefore not surprising that as a species we are going through an explosion of traditional identities.

We live in an exhilarating time of human evolution! I LOVE it!