What I See isn’t as Real as I Think

To the Universe,

Ok I understand. Please wait while I reprogram my brain worldview as I did not realize that the previous programming which I thought was realistic, was perceived to be negative thinking by you.

I thought I was being realistic by looking at life as it happens: a war here and famine there, global warming and rainforest destruction, and also wonderful people working toward healing all that.

Although there is some truth to this realistic worldview…. I understand that what I see currently in the world around me is a combination of an old paradigm still running its course blended with a new paradigm which is only in bud form. It is like watching a movie playing the old worldview that has not finished running its course, while the current paradigm is not fully hitting the screen yet. So “being realistic” is being behind in time from what is really taking roots in the world today. “Being realistic” is believing what is already gone because what really is is not completely perceptible yet.

It is not that we should ignore what we see, but it is not as real as it appears. It may just be the last breath of something dying…. so we may be giving it more power than it really has and thereby keeping it alive instead of simply letting it go.

That is why dreaming what I really want is infinitely more real than what appears to be!

Spiritual Journey: Worldview, God and Healing

Excerpt from forthcoming book:
Psychotherapy and Healing
Aligning Mind, Body, and Soul with Self-Love, Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Our worldview is not how the Universe/Life really works, it is our best approximation to it. The conflict between our worldview and the way the Universe really works is what we have to heal in order to find the happiness we seek.

There is a parallel between this and how we view God. I would say that our concept of God is to our worldview what God is to how the Universe really works. The first one is subjective, the second objective. So learning/seeking to live according to how the Universe really works, instead of remaining in our own worldview, is healing our relationship with our concept of God.