Distance Between Perceived Self and Enlightened Self

Interesting self-discovery class I led Tuesday night. We first went on a journey to meet our enlightened self and bathe in its light and wisdom. I have taken that journey several times before with my students. This time, I felt such a deeper peace than before after that journey. There was a richness in the silence I came back with. I allowed that silence to permeate our experience for some time. But the journey was not complete yet.

We were led to the next step which was to ask what makes up the difference between who we think we are today and our enlightened self, what makes up that distance? It turns out it is not “because we still have lessons to learn.” It is not that “we are not whole yet.” Instead, the distance we perceive is only made up of resistance to truly being our enlightened self.

Together we allowed ourselves to feel the distance we felt and make peace with it and try and find a few words to describe it in the process of making peace with it.

We already are enlightened, we are just perceiving ourselves separate. “Healing” is simply learning to accept what we already are. “Attracting what we want” is simply learning to accept what we already are and already have. The Law of Attraction becomes simply releasing the resistance to already having and being.

This explains to me what Yogi Bhajan, my yoga teacher, said (I paraphrase): “You can work hard and go after what you want or you can just be you and let everything you need come to you.”