Let Me Look Into the Camera One More Time!

– You take pictures with this thing?
– Yeah!
– When I look inside I don’t see any pictures!
– It’s kinda like the radio Honey, you hear people talking, but the people aren’t inside the radio!
– The people aren’t inside the radio, Mommy?
– Open it up, Honey… You’ll see!
– Why do we need a radio or a camera then, if the people aren’t in them?
– To capture the signals, Honey!
– The signals?
– Aren’t you happy to be able to hear people from far away be able to talk to you from the radio? Or to be able to see photographs of people you cannot be around in person?
– Yeah…. maybe… but how do I know they are real? They could be made up!
– True! But when you see a picture of me, you know I’m real, right?
– I’m not so sure now Mommy!
– You’re not? Come here Baby!
– Let me look into the eye of the camera one more time Mommy!
– You sure you don’t want a hug, Honey?
– What if you’re not real, Momma?
– What if I am, Sweetie?
– I don’t see you in the camera, Momma!
– Did you hear anything I said?
– Momma…. I did! But you’re not answering my question! Did you hear anything I said?
– Well, I thought I did Darling! What did I miss?
– Momma, you call me all sorts of names… Honey, Baby, Sweetie, Darling…. Am I many different people?
– Sweetie, you haven’t asked me that before?
– Momma, I asked you What if you’re not real? If you’re not real you would forget my name and call me many different names to cover up that you don’t really know me because you aren’t real!
– Oh! Honey! Is that what you’re thinking…. that I’m not real? How could I prove to you that I am?
– I don’t know Momma! Maybe you need to get inside this camera!
– But Sweetie, how could I? Did you see my size and the size of the camera?
– Mommy…. You keep telling me that I came from your belly! Did you see my size and the size of your belly?
– You weren’t always this big, you know!
– I still can’t see you in the camera, Mommy!
– Because I am not there, Honey!
– See, now you’re admitting that you’re not there Momma!
– But I am here, Honey!
– Like Santa, Mommy?
– What does Santa have to do with it Honeybee?
– Is he real, Momma?
– Uhhhh!
– That’s what I thought Momma… Nothing is real! It’s all a big make belief… We’re just images on a movie screen and voices coming out of radios made up by software engineers somewhere…. And none of them are real either because they are made up by the Biggest Unreal of them all… the one you all call God!
– Wow! I don’t know what to say, Sweetheart!
– I know Mom… Because you aren’t real!
– But then, that means you’re not real either, Sweetie, and that would break my heart!
– Mom?
– Yeah?
– Nothing!
– What?
– I can’t see you in the camera!
– No Sweetie! Because I am outside of the camera. Why aren’t you looking for me where I am?
– I know Mommy… I was just playing with you! 😊
– Come here Sweetie!
– Ok! Mom! But let me look into the camera one more time!

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