About Luc

Luc Watelet has studied many styles of yoga and healing techniques. He fell in love with the teachings from Kundalini Yoga and became a teacher under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. He trained under Brian Weiss as a certified Past Life therapist. Luc has a varied background of life experiences and travels. He has a Ph.D. in biostatistics, haLucs worked for academia and for the pharmaceutical industry. He was a home health aide in high demands for 3 years. He has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and has experience working with people struggling with disabilities, addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and also people working on their life quest. Luc offers his healing and mentoring touch to help those who want answers about their life or any struggle, physical, emotional or spiritual. Luc heals with lightheartedness and wisdom.