Essay: The use of the phrase “Straight and Gays” in politics

Now people who are gay are acknowledged openly by politicians and the military. Whether they talk about them in positive or negative terms, they no longer ignore gay people. That’s progress.

I want to see more… because it is still an ‘us vs them’ sort of a thing, meaning it is still in comparison to being straight, whether spoken of in progressive or conservative terms.

It is time that we think no longer in comparison to our self or to a mainstream, but in terms of individual differences for their own sake. It is time we talk about sexual preferences as unique for each one of us. The phrase ‘Straight and Gays’ is not representative of all sexual preferences of human beings, and it is distancing rather than bringing together because it is based in terms of a comparison to a mainstream. It is time we talk about the beauty of diversity for its own sake.

When we compare people to a mainstream set of beliefs or rules, we put down our individual gifts and purposes in life, we invite people to give up their individuality, and as a result, we all miss out on the wealth that we each came to share with the world.

Essay: In Order to Love

In order to love, one has to consciously leave behind everything that isn’t love.

I remember experiencing unconditional love after retracing my steps through my emotions back to a time of extreme loneliness during my childhood. The result was a connection with my inner child that left me crying tears of joy, a dam had opened and my tears flowed freely… and I experienced unconditional love and a blessing, a message in the midst of a vision of a beautiful Earth… “THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT TO BE CHANGED, JUST LOVED.”

I had wanted to know how to heal painful experiences from childhood and I had wanted to help change the world for a better one. This experience came as an answer to both of my inquiries.

When I came back to my not so ecstatic ‘normal’ self I asked: “What do I need to do to get back into that space?” And the answer was: “Drop your worries.”

This experience came to me in the early 90s. I did not know then how to drop any worry. They seemed to own me. Now I know. I just need to remember what it feels like to enter the space of love, of gratitude, of humble presence, of smiling with a child, holding a small flower, …

I now know it is a choice to leave everything else behind and that choice isn’t so difficult. It is the difference between Hell and Heaven, the difference between being a disconnected fear-filled human being or a spiritual being in a human body. The difference between letting my mind control me or finding the guru within and aligning with it. It makes all the difference in the world.