Kundalini yoga circle Sunday morning:
When: 8:30-10ish
Where: AUM (upstairs from The Natural Oasis)
288 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
cost: by donation for rent.

Meditation and Self-Discovery in Waterloo
When: Wednesdays – 3:30-4:45 PM
Where: 146 East Main Street, Waterloo, NY
By donation.
Private classes on request

The Personal Journey Support Group (To Be Announced)

Reconnect with your true self, your spirit! We may not always understand why we behave the way we do, or why life gives us stuff we don’t want. These things are meant to draw our attention to something inside of us. When we do, guilt and shame leave us, and our life changes.

Personal experience in running groups: I started running groups as part of my training to be a mental health counselor in an addiction treatment center. I was amazed when I was invited to work with people diagnosed with addictions and/or with mental illnesses that my approach with them ended up being the same as my approach with people without these struggles. It is because we all suffer from the same problem, a disconnection from our true self. Our symptoms from this disconnection differ from each other, but the solution is the same: to find a way to reconnect with our spirit.

Testimonials: At the end of my experience with these groups, I received many testimonials from people from the groups I ran. One young man said to the group that he wanted to be a counselor like me. One young woman said that she thought I should work with women, because many women have felt hurt by men and don’t trust them, but working with me helped her believe that some men can be trusted. All the women from her group nodded at her testimonial.