Off Script Therapy: A Mindfulness Approach

I help people reconnect with who they really are… it turns out who we really are is not sick!

True healing can happen in psychotherapy, not just relief from symptoms by the use of medication. The use of medication may be helpful in the process.

True healing can happen because there is a part of us that is not affected by any diseases, disabilities or trauma. Healing happens when we reconnect with that inner part of us.

We can learn to access that part of us by learning to pay attention to our lives and to our body, that is, to our inner life.

There is scientific evidence for this.

First. Yes, people with depression have been found to have a chemical imbalance in an enzyme which is overabundant and leads to a reduction in key neurotransmitters: serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine… but no one has demonstrated in which direction the causality goes… so the chemical imbalance could very well be due to the depression and not the other way around, or a trauma could be at the source of the increase¬† in that particular enzyme. Nobody knows. My experience is that clients can reduce their need for antidepressants by working together. This suggests that mindfulness work helps reverse the chemical imbalance. And thus the control is back in the hands of the person who once felt powerless…

How could that be? There is research showing that addictive behaviors and mental health challenges occur while the brain’s default network is active. This is the part of us that is active while we’re not paying attention, and while we are not being creative. This part of the brain calms down when we meditate. The brain default network is our library of inner tapes we have taken in without fully questioning them. They rule us until we take charge again.

My role is to facilitate the process of taking charge again by helping you reconnect with your inner self. This leads you to be able to make your own decisions about life and healing. Sessions are mind and body oriented and can sometimes include techniques such as past life therapy or other mindfulness exercises. You will come to see that there are truths that only you have access to. They are accessed by paying attention to your body’s sensations and to your heart’s dreams. I guide you to your truths and your life dreams.

The name Off Script Therapy refers to the fact that we can review and rewrite our life script. We can approach life like an artist in front of a blank page or canvas or block of clay… It also refers to the possibility of eliminating the need for medication with this approach to therapy.

When you are off script and I am off script, we are both alive to each other!

I have experience with people who have experienced depression (sometimes for 30 years), anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, compulsions and addictions including with alcohol, drugs, smoking or food. I have worked with children, adolescents and adults.