Kundalini Yoga uses all aspects of yoga: sequences of postures for specific healing effects, chanting, relaxation and meditations.

It is about experiencing and personal awareness rather than about alignment of the body or flexibility. It is more about healing and releasing energy blocks than about perfecting postures. Releasing energy blocks uncovers one’s lightheartedness, passion, freedom from suffering and social expectations, and, thus, one’s authentic self.

You could do Kundalini Yoga sitting on a chair! You could even do it if you were paralyzed. All you need is to be able to breathe.

Students have testified experiencing healing starting the very first class. Others have felt lighthearted after the first class and experienced the effects lasting into the following day or days. Some students have eliminated the need for anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication within about six months of practicing Kundalini Yoga weekly.